About Livecharge

Live matters

Instead of the heavy monthly billing cycle, Livecharge is continuously generating the invoice real-time. Of course mobile services still can be charged on a monthly basis but by using the mobile device for much other services besides making calls or using data, it is important to generate instantly invoices and execute payments 24/7. Livecharge is able to support and invoice all rendered services all in one invoice.

Livecharge is a remedy for Bill Shock

With Livecharge your customers can check the actual invoice at any moment which prevents for Bill Shock at the end of the month.

Multi-Level Billing and Dunning

Livecharge accommodates any B2B, B2C or B2B2X model where the invoice for each level is calculated real-time with the correct margins and taxes.

Best cost to serve

We use a modern containerized hosting model, allowing for extreme horizonal scalability, fitted for very small outfits but also for the very large, multi-country, enterprises.

Much more than software

Besides the OCS software stack, hosted-as-a-service on any Azure instance of your liking, Channel Services provides additional services  like invoice-dunning services, printing services and collection services. Allowing for the quickest time to market I a worry-free one-stop-shop approach.

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