About us

In the dynamic world of telecommunications, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that redefine the way we connect and communicate.

In 2022, Channel Holding became the owner of a group of mobile software companies that were previously part of the US-listed telecommunications group, Pareteum, Inc. Pareteum was formed from a merger between Artilium and Elephant Talk, pioneers in providing MVNE services to MVNOs worldwide.

Based on the fact that requirements for billing dramatically changed, Channel decided to design an develop a whole new billing system which fulfills todays requirements and is future proof. Livecharge is really live and real-time, which is new and different from all other traditional telecommunications billing systems.

Livecharge aims to provide billing services to a new and growing group of enterprises which are offering pay-per-use. This means instead of acquiring an asset, you can rent it for the time you are using it. We see a shift from owning to sharing and with Livecharge we are actually support this new way of working.

With Livecharge we serve different industries and businesses:

Mobile Telecommunication Providers

The built-in OCS is perfect to process the offline CDR streams or online Diameter Gy/Ro feeds from a mobile operator. Any pre-paid , post-paid or hybrid customer structure can be implemented instanlyusing LiveCharge.


Livecharge can accelerate your go-to-market timing and help to implement new monetization strategies. The built-in interconnections towards payment providers and traditional banking accounts, combined with dunning services that Channel Services offers as a service, allows to implement any required invoicing.


Any metric can be monetized, If you can measure it, then Livecharge can rate it and send the invoice. Due to its real-time nature, it also means that the invoice is available from the moment that the usage of the assets stops. You can combine real usage metrics with subscription models, applied on prepaid or postpaid customers. With this feature Livecharge is ready to accommodate the mobile device all new pay-per-use business models

As part of Channel Technologies, we offer our services in Europe, North and South America, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Africa.

In case you like to know more about what Livecharge is offering, please fill in the form after we contact you to make an appointment for a call or teams.